Encouraging Dads As Husbands, Fathers, and Family Leaders
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FamilyDads has been an awesome encouragement to me. Well written, timely, and concise!"  ~ a Dad in Georgia

FamilyDads emails always hit home and help me realize what my "true" priorities are. They are a blessing in my hectic work life. ~ a Dad in Florida

Father Daughter picDid you know we dads play a crucial role in raising our sons and daughters? We have "Father Power", which is our unique influence in their lives that NO ONE ELSE has, and a window of opportunity while they are young to lead... love... bless... teach... disciple... and impact them.

But in a culture that minimizes fatherhood, we dads need all the support and encouragement we can get.

FAMILYDADS is a dad-focused and dad-founded organization that is committed to helping us dads prioritize and successfully lead our families. By signing up for the FAMILYDADS Email List, you will begin receiving regular encouragement, practical tips, resource offers, and learn ways to deepen your relationship with your children and lead your family.

The FAMILYDADS weekly emails help you as a dad discover the power of your relationship with your sons and daughters and the tremendous influence you have in their lives and destinies. The encouragement, insights, and resources can equip you to successfully lead your family during the “child-raising years” as well as long-lasting positive impact in future generations of your family. And...it's FREE!

"I think every dad -- past, present, future -- would benefit from this free subscription." ~ a Dad in Georgia

"I’ve been blessed by your emails. Every email is a great reminder to continually step it up in the area of being a husband and father. I really appreciate what you're doing."  ~ a Dad in Georgia

"Thanks again for the great encouraging email. I thank God so much for my family!!! And thanks again for doing this."  ~ a Dad in Massachusettes

"I thank God for FamilyDads and your emails. You are not a voice crying in the wilderness, but a voice in my computer crying out to me to keep focused on what really matters... my family." ~ a Dad in Georgia

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